The revolutionary
LNG tank system for
heavy duty trucks

up to 30% more fuel capacity

intuitive operation

choose your tank size

choose your hold time

choose your manifold position

LNG-Tank System - Store as much as you need. For as long as you need it.

Up to 30% more fuel capacity

the largest fuel capacity within a given frame space


truck with cryoshelter tank

Intuitive operation

easy to use


intuitive operation

Choose your tank size

Tank sizes
Switch to mm Switch to inch

         no extra space for valve access required
         overall tank length = total frame space required

Enter your specs in any of the fields below:

Your measurements are out of the current product range, please contact us.
water vol.
Diesel Eq.*
tank outer
unit system
Total fuel capacity:
*Diesel Equivalent
(conversion factor 1.8)

Choose your hold time



6 days of loss-free parking - fits standard requirements


10 day of loss-free parking - for extended flexibility


contact us if you want more


Choose your manifold position

Choose any manifold position all the way along from the front to the end -
on the left or right side of the tank

housing protects all valves and the vaporizer

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